Top 10 Best Inverter Battery in India [Oct-2021] – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Inverter Battery in India [Oct-2021]

best inverter battery

Best Inverter Battery: Undoubtedly, without electricity, everyone’s life would be meaningless in today’s world. But there are still power outages in developing countries, so an inverter is essential for every family. Do you know that inverter batteries are just like the pulse of the machine?

Thus, selecting the best inverter battery is just as crucial as choosing the best inverters.  As the primary source of power, a dependable battery can deliver continuous power for extended periods

When you pick an unsuitable battery, the inverter will be rendered worthless. As a result, it’s critical to think before buying an inverter battery. In this regard, this article is beneficial!  

Here is a glance of the top 10 Best Inverter Battery where I’ve done comprehensive details and shared the details later in the article below :

Item NameWarrantyPrice
Luminous Red Charge RC 18000
Tall Tubular
36 MonthsCheck Price
Luminous Red Charge RC 25000
Tall Tubular
36 MonthsCheck Price
Luminous Red Charge RC 18000
Short Tubular Battery
36 MonthsCheck price
EXIDE Industries 150Ah Insta Brite
36 MonthsCheck price
Luminous Red Charge RC 15000 36 MonthsCheck price
V-Guard VT165 Tall Tabular 36 MonthsCheck Price
Genus Hallabol GTT240 Tubular
48 MonthsCheck price
Exide Technologies INVA Master Tall IMTT1500 36 MonthsCheck price
AMARON 150Ah Tall Tabular Battery36 MonthsCheck price
Exide Technologies IMTT1500
Inva Master Jumbo
36 MonthsCheck price

Buyer’s Guide (Things to Consider before Buying) 

When selecting the right and best inverter battery, there are so many things to keep in mind such as types of battery, voltage, battery backup time, compatibility, etc. As you know, it is not such an easy task to choose the best item among all. So, below I am going to describe some important factors!

1.Types of Battery

It is a very important factor to consider the best inverter battery type while going to purchase it. After complete research, you will know three main types of inverter batteries in the marketplace.

(i) Tubular Battery
(ii) Flat- Plate Batteries
(iii) Sealed Lead-Acid

2.Size of the Battery 

Have you decided on the type of battery that will work best for your item? If yes, then you will need to consider its dimensions.

But how are you intending to go about doing it? 

You can begin by determining the size of your inverter. If the machine is a little smaller and does not require a huge amount of voltage, you can go with a smaller battery. As a result, your inverter will be able to pull electricity from it more readily and effectively.

3.Material Quality 

You should constantly inspect the quality characteristics before purchasing anything. The same can be said for the inverter batteries. 

It is not only the interior spaces when you talk about the material quality. It also includes the exterior part. If the item has a tough outside layer, it will protect the battery from irregularities more effectively. As a result, the battery will endure for a long time without any issues.


Only the battery’s weight prevents it from being functional with your inverter. However, there are a few more factors that play a role in this situation. You wouldn’t need to conduct a lot of research to find out about it.

You can find specifications on connected devices on the product’s packaging. Unfortunately, if you do not discover anything either, you will have to go to the model’s actual website to look for it there.


Whether you agree with it or not, the company logo of an inverter battery matters a lot in the marketplace. The majority of branded things are of great quality, long-lasting, and work well in practically any situation.

Furthermore, they will provide a longer warranty duration. Thus, if you do not want to conduct researches, purchasing a product from a well-known brand should suffice.

6.Power Requirements

If your home has many rooms, you will need something which can produce a lot of electricity. As a result, if you get a less-efficient battery, it will not be capable of serving you for an extended amount of time.

Similarly, purchasing a large battery for a little household is not a smart option. It will offer sufficient power for your tube lighting systems and fans. However, while recharging, it will consume a significant amount of electricity.

So, once you consider all these factors, let’s dive into the top 10 Best Inverter Battery in India which you can buy right now.

10 Best Inverter Battery in India

1. Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

best inverter battery

I am starting the best inverter battery list with the name of a very incredible inverter battery named Luminous Red Charge. The Luminous batteries contain a unique alloy composition that protects the lead from rusting. 

Main Features :

  • The structure of the item promotes outstanding quality. As a result, this is my top pick on the list. It is a great option to use if you don’t like to be concerned about the health of your battery. It has used a variety of sturdy materials, and also it has the necessary protections.
  • It will help to secure both the battery and the consumer from damage. It also has a water level indicator, allowing you to check on the batteries before it begins to fail.
  • High-Pressure Die Casting (HADI) equipment is used to make the battery’s unique appearance. This appearance provides this best inverter battery with a more formidable appearance and aids in keeping a void-free consistent yield strength.
  • Furthermore, the corrosion-resistant spine metal element allows the battery to last longer. In addition, the component’s integrity ensures little service. 
  •  Provides consistent electrical power
  •  More formidable and unique appearance
  •  Exceptional long backup
  •  Longer life expectancy
  •  Pretty heavy battery

2. Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 Ah, Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

The second one on my list is the Luminous Red Charge Inverter Battery. The LUMINOUS Red Charge RC 25000 200AH inverter pack is designed to meet all of your solar power needs! Input power takes care of the matched plate layout and the inter-partition interconnection. 

Main Features :

  • Great Backup – The Luminous Red Charge battery provides up to 54 hours of backups. Its structure makes it perfect for both household and business use. Furthermore, after a peak load, it just requires up to six hours to charge.
  • Heavy-Duty Machine – Even in heavy-duty situations, the inverter battery for a household is intended to operate well. It needs very little support because it is designed to last in all conditions. Thus, prolonged and repeated power outages are no problem for the inverter battery.
  • Long-lasting – It also can perform deep cycles. As a result, even if you do not properly manage it, you may assume it to last a long time. The product has numerous porous valves to effectively eliminate the produced gases. It will provide you a good discharging efficiency.
  •  Battery Back up of 6-8 hours
  •  Requires low maintenance
  •  Excellent over-charge tolerance
  •  Offers a wide range of high-quality inverters
  • In 36 months of warranty, only first 18 months is free of cost

Best for large houses with high load capacity. Definitely one of the best inverter battery you can go for.

3. Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 150Ah Inverter Battery

Let’s get to the most exciting section of this article. Rugged tubular bars and a HADI high-pressure casting process are used to create the Luminous RC 25000. I have outlined the benefits, drawbacks, and characteristics of each in this post. 

Main Features

  • Unique Structural Aluminum – These inverters have a unique structural aluminum combination that is very pure and corrosion-resistant. Their rounded plate architecture offers high-duty retrieval and charge acceptance.
  • Superior Tubular-Plate Innovation – The LUMINOUS Red Charge is a cylindrical inverter battery that you can use for various energy storage technologies. It has superior tubular-plate innovation, which guarantees that electricity is available at all times. 
  • More Efficiency Levels – Also, it is designed to provide more efficiency levels while also extending battery life. Even in heavy-duty situations, the inverter battery is required to function well. The battery can withstand extended and repeated power failures.

Anyone who lives in an area where power outages are common should invest in a fast-charging battery. As a result, if you have such problems, this battery could be ideal for you. It can rapidly accumulate a substantial amount of charge in the period between power failures. 

  •  Fast charging and longer lifespan
  •  Requires minimum maintenance
  •  Good overcharge tolerance
  •  Accepts deep discharge
  •  Delivers high performance
  •  No reliable warranty

This is the best inverter battery for office uses and for house with high load capacity.

4. EXIDE Industries 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter

Here is another very incredible and popular best inverter battery named Exide Insta-Brite. It delivers high voltage supplies, which is especially useful in areas where power failures are common. Due to its advanced technology and distinctive characteristics, the manufacturer says that the battery gives quick illumination. 

Main Features :

  • Resistant to Temperature – This is the best inverter battery for home and is resistant to high temperatures that make it great for use in harsh climates.
  • Jerks and Oscillation Proof – Its unique hybrid alloy technology eliminates mist production, resulting in low water usage. The battery’s two plate isolation decreases the risks of being damaged by jerks and oscillations. This characteristic aims to mitigate the battery from failing prematurely 
  • Anti-Splash Protectors – Anti-splash protectors with tokens style flush inlets are installed on the battery’s top ventilated lid. These are essentially preventative plugs that are designed to withstand any fumes or leakage.

This model is leakage and spill-proof, thereby making everything even more comfortable. This battery has a two-plate separation technology that decreases the possibility of unexpected disturbances and jerks.

  •  Amazing anti-splash guards
  •  Long shelf life
  •  Lightweight with a high battery capacity
  •  Comes up with the spark arrestor
  •  Very high energy efficient
  •  Average after-sale services

5. Luminous Red Charge RC 15000 120 Ah Inverter

Are you seeking a high-capacity inverter with a cell for your home? The Red Charger Tubular Inverter Battery from Luminous is a fantastic battery for your household converter. Even in heavy-duty situations, the inverter battery is prepared to function well.

Main Features :

  • Little Maintenance – It requires very little maintenance because it is designed to last in all Indian conditions. The batteries come powered up and with a floating indicator to show the electrolytes. It is designed to provide more power consumption while also extending battery life.
  • Superior Tubular-Plate Technology – In addition, the company has a cleaner top-no surface leaking layout that is prepared for implementation.
  • Lightweight Structure – For its lightweight basis, I think this battery is a terrific pick. The majority of inverter packs on the Indian market weigh at least 5 kg more than this one. Of course, there are lightweight alternatives, but few will perform as well as this one.

The LUMINOUS Red-Charge is a tubular inverter battery that you can use for power energy storage. It has superior tubular-plate technology, which guarantees that electricity is available in a controlled manner.

  •  Fast-charging and longer lifespan
  •  Reduces electricity consumption
  •  Corrosion-resistant and high performance
  •  Available in a controlled manner
  •  Not so good backup for high load usages

6. V-Guard VT165 152 Ah, Tall Tabular Inverter Battery

This one from the V-Guard Tall Tabular Inverter Battery is also a reliable option. And personally, this is one of the top best inverter battery. V-Guard has been offering reliable electrical & mechanical products to households to provide intelligent services. 

Main Features :

  • Properly Maintained – The VJ145 flat tubular inverter is one of the company’s most well-known products. In contrast to the other types, the flatter triangular shape indicates that the battery is put horizontally. Tubular batteries have been reported to endure up to 15 years if properly maintained. 
  • Excellent Back Up – This battery is compatible with UPS systems by providing a standby of 3 to 54 hours. As a result, this best battery for inverter is ideal for places where power outages occur frequently.
  • Easy to Transport – Additionally, this inverter pack is 505 x 220 x 285 mm in size and contains 43.5 kg. It makes it easy to transport to the highest floors of your workplace. Furthermore, the tubular plates’ rugged design protects the battery’s lifespan
  • Beautiful Exterior Design – In particular to being lightweight, this battery has a beautiful outside design. Unlike the conventional dull-white look of most of the other inverter batteries, this is the right choice. This battery will be perfect if you want to put your battery out where most people could see it.
  •  Requires low maintenance
  •  Resist’s voltage fluctuations
  •  Provides quick and very easy charging
  •  Low acid leakage
  • Body is slightly big

7. Genus Hallabol GTT240 150 Ah Inverter Battery

Now come up with the highly recommended choice of all experts that is known as the Genus Hallabol GTT240 Inverter Battery. This inverter battery has been designed to last for a long along with heavy-duty material and construction. 

Main Features :

  • Suitable Size and Weight – It also has a suitable size and weight of 6614 grams. Thus, you can purchase this inverter at a very reasonable price that makes it a budget-friendly item. High-pressure die castings produce spines that are exceptionally precise and free of holes.
  • Accurate Fitting – In addition, the barbs of a Genus battery ensure that the batteries will last a long time.ATC heat sealing of the containers and lid requires accurate fitting. In this way, there is no acid leakage from a Genus battery.
  • Improved Dimensional Stability – Automatic pressure castings improve dimensional stability, cast surface roughness, and structural qualities. That is why Genus provides India’s leading inverter battery.
  •  Provides auto air-pressure testing
  •  Auto-internal resistance testing to check the internal resistance
  •  Very safe for the environment
  •  Strong and sturdy design
  •  Not appropriate customer services

8. Exide Technologies INVA Master Tall IMTT1500 150 Ah

Another top-class inverter battery Exide Innovations built the INVA Master Tall IMTT1500 with larger panels. It is manufactured with 20% more electrolytes to endure power outages. As a result, it has a low maintenance requirement and is appropriate for the power supply.

Main Features :

  • High-quality Material – Exide is a renowned maker of cells for motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and high-quality inverter packs. This best inverter battery in India from Exide can hold 150 ah of energy and is available in white and red variants.
  • Significant Cost Benefits – The battery can withstand extended and repeated power outages. As a result, electricity usage is reduced, resulting in more significant cost benefits. In this way, you can easily use this inverter battery for your household or office room.
  • Survive Power Outages – The tubular inverter packs are constructed with larger panels and 20% more electrolytes. As a result, it will help you to survive power outages. Also, this tubular battery has a 36-month guarantee and requires less maintenance.
  • It includes a little indication that can be used to monitor the electrolyte level. In addition, the composite alloy component aids the model in reducing mist generation. It can unleash the item from liquid decrease difficulties.
  •  Withstand power outage
  •  Suitable for deep discharge
  •  Delivers very high performance and results
  •  Designed with thicker plates and material
  •  A little heavy to carry

9. AMARON 150Ah Tall Tabular Battery

All inverter models manufactured in the Market are comparable with the AMARON Inverter 150AH Tall Tubular Battery. Its panels are made of high-temperature durable ultra-enhanced Hybrid alloys. This manufacturing allows it a low-maintenance battery. 

Main Features :

  • Long Lasting – It’s no surprise that the great majority of the population uses inverters to tackle this issue. And they rely on a battery that won’t let them down to meet this critical necessity. These inverters not only charge quickly but also last significantly longer.
  • Less Maintenance – For ultimate comfort, AMARON also provides a variety of technically sophisticated inverters and home backup power systems. It uses less maintenance because it is designed to last in Indian conditions.
  • Variety of Sizes – Moreover, these inverter batteries come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the expectations and uses of consumers. As a result, you will never be powerless. 
  • It also amazingly protects the model from numerous power outages, which is even another impressive feature. In general, the battery is also quite long-lasting. Despite being among the most cost-effective options on the list, this battery is useable with 825VA.

  •  Requires low maintenance
  •  Very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
  •  Spill-proof material
  •  Charges quickly and last longer
  •  Few performances issue

10. Exide Technologies IMTT1500 150 Ah Inva Master Jumbo

The magnificent Exide IMTT1500 150mAh is among the top selections of best inverter battery related to inverter usage. The battery has a modern heavy-duty calcium-alloy structure, and it provides excellent results in a wide range of temperatures. 

Main Features :

  • Classic Design – Plus, this Sealed Lead Acid(SLA) beast will be at your service for a long time due to the classic design. It is made with superior grade materials all around. Further, the absorbing Glass Mat (AGM) innovation helps to avoid Hydrolysis. 
  • Low-Self Discharge Rate – The battery has a low self-discharge rate. This way, it can deliver high pressures to power-hungry equipment like microwaves and refrigerators 24 hours a day. Also, it has a valve-controlled design that prevents spills. The electrolyte is contained between fiber-glass plates, like other Mighty Max Battery packs. 
  • Lightweight and Compact – Furthermore, the batter is lightweight than most of its competition, making it ideal for travel. The structure is also unusual; allowing you to mount it in your motor home at unexpected angles. This jewel is a must-have to cut a long tale short! 
  • Good Power-Based Reactions – The battery also includes charging indications to makes it easier to keep it fully charged at all times. Also, you may expect good power-based reactions from it, especially when dealing with voltage fluctuations.

The function is extremely useful for beginners, so you will be delighted to get it if you are one.

  •  Spill-proof due to the ATM innovation
  •  Maintenance-free battery
  •  Very responsive to load
  •  Can be installed in any position
  •  Deep discharge recovery
  •  No mounting accessories added

Tips to increase your Inverter Battery life span

Increasing the life span of your inverter battery is possible depending on your usages. If you maintain it properly, you can expect maximum lifelong and effective output from it.

Here are some tips to ensure your inverter battery to have a great life span :

  • Keep using your inverter frequently.
  • Check the water level on the battery frequently
  • keep rust away from the battery.
  • Make sure you do not overload the battery while using.


I have tried my best to deliver information that is both interesting and informative for you. So, this article on the best inverter battery is all about the best inverter battery containing all the features, specifications, power and ideal uses.

All the items that I have added in this article are best in terms of features and performance. Besides that, if you want to take my opinion, my overall top pick among the 10 best inverter battery would have to be the V-Guard VT165 Tall Tubular Inverter Battery. It is the best inverter battery to have a more extended backup and excellent charge acceptance. 

What are your reviews about this article? Let me know in the comment section and pick your best inverter battery! 


What is the standard life long of inverter battery ?

The life of an inverter battery depends on many factors such as usages, brand, load. However, standard life long is 3-5 yrs

Which is the best inverter battery for home use?

For home usage, you should consider using a 150 Ah battery. You can also consider using a 200 Ah battery. You can consider Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 150Ah Inverter Battery

Is a higher Ah battery better?

Not exactly. It depends on the load and usages of yours. If you have a big house and consume more load, you can consider buying a larger Ah battery.

What is your pick among the top 10 ?

My pick among the top 10 Best inverter battery will be V-Guard VT165 Tall Tubular Inverter Battery. I’ve shared the details specifications above.

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